NFL Week 6 Thursday night picks.

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Welcome to the La Sportsa Nostra weekly NFL picks page. Every week we will pick the winners of that upcoming week’s NFL games. We’ve added Adam “Cheech” Richichi to our Thursday and Sunday picks for all the sports bettors out there. The rest of the crew are just picking the winners, and why we think that team will pull out the win for that week. Enjoy!

New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears


Frantz – Winner Bears – “It’s been tough sledding for the Giants this season, and even though I feel they have a legitimate shot this week, I don’t believe they get it done in Chicago. The Giants have 20 turnovers so far, most turnovers through 5 games since the Saints in 1997. Eli has been sacked 12 times, last season he was sacked 19 times total. Eli also has 12 interceptions through 5 games this season. The team is just not playing well as a unit, it’s not just Eli, it’s the defensive and offensive lines, linebackers, special teams, everything. The Bears offensive line hasn’t played well on the right side the last two games but that happens when you are trying to integrate two rookies; plus last week Matt Forte missed a few blitz pick-ups so that didn’t help. Look for Jason Pierre-Paul to have a massive game but it will not be enough. Sorry Giants fans, the slide will continue. Bears here.”


Steven “Bruce Wayne” Ross – Winner Giants – “The Giants have been winless this season on Sunday’s…lucky for them it’s Thursday. I expect a big special teams performance by the Giants tonight, i.e. Blocked punt/field goal or a kick return. I expect Jay Cutler to throw the ball 30+ times tonight with the majority of those throws going to Brandon Marshall. After Marshall’s comments this week they’ll try and have Cutler force-feed him the ball and that’ll lead to disaster, Jay Cutler style.”


Charles “Lucky Lefty” Felix – Winner Bears – “One thing the bears do well is create turnovers, and one the Giants are good at making them. That’s the difference in this shootout as the Bears make the Giants go 0-6 tonight.”


Bradley “Pete Rose” Clement – Winner Bears – “It’s a Thursday in October, and that means it’s time for some terrible nationally televised NFL football and pink shoes. I think it’s perfect timing for Jay Cutler to have one of his obligatory 3 interception games. The only problem with that is Eli Manning should be having yet another big game, but as usual it will be for the other team. He has 12 picks in 5 games, what’s a few more? At this point I’m not sure if I’d be more surprised if, a) Eli didn’t throw a pick or b) Tom Coughlin’s bright red face didn’t finally erupt. I bet you never thought that you’d hear yourself ask, ‘What channel’s baseball on tonight?’, did you.”


Tyler “Ty Law” Mittelberg – Winner Bears – “The Giants are hard to watch, Manning has absolutely no time to drop back, and they have no running game.  What happened to this team? They will win eventually, but it wont be this week at Soldier Field.”


Adam “Cheech” Richichi - Vegas Pick - NY Giants (+9) at Chicago Bears – “I keep telling myself that the Giants will eventually break out and inevitably end the season on a run to finish 7-9, or 8-8 like they always do.  This just feels like one of those sneaky Eli games where he bucks his recent trend of terrible play, and the Giants eke out a win against a flawed Bears team who are coming off of a beat down at home against NO. The Bears can’t put any pressure on the QB, and Charles Tillman isn’t quite right so far this season. (Watch out for Hakeem Nicks who finally got on the same page with Eli last week.)” Prediction: Giants 27-24






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