Daily Archives: October 3, 2013

Week 5 Thursday Night Pick

Buffalo Bill vs. Cleveland Browns  Frantz – Winner Browns – “Brian Hoyer has stepped up big for the Browns since they traded Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden got injured. It’s a home game for Cleveland, against a rookie quarterback for the Bills. Cleveland continues to defy expectations and wins Thursday...

The Funny Pages week 1

Every week the writers will get together and give you a picture they came across and found absolutely hilarious. It may be a picture already featured in one of the stories but they found it first, laughed about it, then decided it was post worthy. Enjoy!  This one was all...

Sorta Power Rankings Week 1

Every week the writers of La Sportsa Nostra will get together and come up with our parody of the NFL power rankings. This page came about from us looking at some other NFL power rankings and laughing hysterically at what other sites have for NFL teams from 1-10. They are...