Sorta Power Rankings Week 1

Updated: October 3, 2013
Power Rankings
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Every week the writers of La Sportsa Nostra will get together and come up with our parody of the NFL power rankings. This page came about from us looking at some other NFL power rankings and laughing hysterically at what other sites have for NFL teams from 1-10. They are obviously comedians…so we will try to be comedians also. Enjoy!

1. Breaking Bad (Not up or down from anything, this had to be one, don’t act surprised.)


2. The lack of recent Miley Cyrus news. (If it weren’t for Breaking Bad, this would be one and two.)


3. Neil Patrick Harris’ opening at this year’s Emmy Awards. (We don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, but the entire opening of this years Emmy’s was absolutely brilliant.)


4. The Walking Dead in two weeks!!!! (Zombies? Yeah, we’re all in.)


5. Hockey season. (Don’t you dare judge this for being so high on the list. (Hello Canada…)


6. Justin Beiber being carried up the great wall. (Goodnight Canada smh)


7. Dy-Lan Dilinja (Dy-Lan spit hot fire)


8. Bill Nye on Dancing with the Stars. (Him looking really creepy in the background of this photo was worth the plug for this show.)


9. Dy-Lan Dilinjah (Still spittin hot fire.)


10. Dy-Lan Dilinjah (LMFAO @ Chappelle)Dylan Gif

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