Jerry Jones, every opposing team’s favorite GM and Owner.

Updated: November 11, 2013
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The Dallas Cowboys were blown out last night in New Orleans in a game that seemed eerily similar to most of the lop-sided college football games I watch on Saturday afternoons. The New Orleans Saints were the Alabama Crimson Tide last night and the Cowboys were Savannah State, or some other non-footballing power that has no business even suiting up against a super-power let alone playing them.

The beating Drew Brees and Sean Payton put on Dallas last night was to be expected because let’s face it, the Cowboys were playing an angry Saints team a week removed from losing to the New York Jets. Silly me for thinking the Cowboys had even the slimmest glimmer of hope against the Saints and Who Dat nation. Before we get into the reason for this article, the people who hate Tony Romo, the next few sentence are for you.

Last night’s loss was all Romo’s fault. Romo gave up all the yards on defense. Romo is the reason the Cowboys are terrible. Romo is the biggest choke artist in America. And once Romo leaves, the Cowboys will once again be America’s team and reel off about four straight championships. Ok now that the Romo detractors read that, are satisfied with life, and are now off to the next story bashing Romo, those who remained and have perspective, the rest of this article is for you.

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In order for a business to be successful, there needs to be some semblance of competence at the top. Any and every organization is only as good as the person who is running it. Let me give you a personal example.

In order for this site to be successful, I have to make sure my amazing writers are writing articles that are interesting, insightful, and an overall entertaining read. I also have to make sure that the product is good and that the site is well run, maintained, promoted, etc. These are the necessities for us. Now, I also serve as the person who gets the talent that writes for us.

So I serve as owner and technically the general manager. Perfect. What I am doing here is as small a scale as one can get until the site goes somewhere and this is still a lot of work. Imagine trying to do this on a scale the size of let’s say…an NFL team. That task must be impossible to do and be successful at it. Enter Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and has been since 1989; in the 24 years since Jerry has been owner, the Cowboys have won three titles. Jerry won three titles in his first 6 years and has not won a championship since 1995. Let me clue the rest of America in on a secret all of us real Cowboys fans know…the Cowboys will not win another championship as long as Jerry Jones is the owner of this team. Read what I wrote, not GM, owner.

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We’re past the point of no return for this Cowboys team. Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike said it best this morning when he said the Cowboys are an average team masquerading as a contender. Well-said Mr. Greenberg, that is the most accurate assessment of the Cowboys I have ever heard in my life. And this all starts at the top.

Jerry Jones has created a culture of non-accountability for his players on the field and the field is where the games are won and lost. Not the DUI’s, not the arrest, not the fights, none of the off-field activity; success happens on the football field. How is this Jerry Jones fault you ask? That should be on the coaches, no?

Wrong my friends. Cowboys fans are all aware that Jerry is the defacto coach. He micro manages his coaches to the point they’re scared to speak up for themselves and just do his bidding. Plus when one of the players is responsible for not playing up to par or meeting standards, it’s just fine because the players know he won’t hold them to the highest level of accountability. Jerry’s a player’s first kind of owner and the players are well aware of it.

Who cares what Bill Parcells or Wade Phillips or Jason Garrett have to say on anything, it’s Jerry’s team so if Jerry is ok with it, the players are ok with it.

Jerry Jones fired Rob Ryan at the end of last year because he needed a scapegoat for the team’s terrible late season performance. Keep in mind half the players Rob Ryan was coaching at the end of season he had never heard of the week before they were assigned to him.

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But it wasn’t the GM’s fault, nor the owner’s fault. It was of course the fault of the second year defensive coordinator who seems to have turned around a bad Saints defense and used them to embarrass his old employer last night. Well played Jerry, that’ll teach ‘em.   

The Cowboys current defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was washed up during his tenure at USC but Jerry felt he was the best man for the job. Would any other GM have thought so? It’s possible because Kiffin is a coaching legend. But would the GM and the owner have both agreed to the hiring of Kiffin if they both had the chance to sit down and analyze his recent stints as a coach? We’ll never know because Jerry is the same person who does both jobs.

So again, blaming Romo is the sexy thing to do, blaming Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan and Monty Kiffin is the easy (maybe also correct) thing to do. But blaming Jerry Jones should be the first thing we do.

It could be worse, we could be the train wreck that is the current Miami Dolphins organization. Please God let there not have been any hazing of our players or we’ll be an even bigger circus than the Dolphins. Fingers crossed. 

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