Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

K-C it to believe it: Chiefs sit at 6-0.

The Kansas City Chiefs have proven that over the last six weeks that their success is no fluke. They have a defense that is top-notch, and, in my opinion, is quite possibly among the top three defenses in the league.  San Francisco is glad they have Colin Kaepernick, but Alex...

Jets Falter as Steelers Earn First Win.

The Jets hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday trying to get their first consecutive wins of the season. Pittsburgh had plenty of rest coming off their bye week after losing to the Vikings in London. It was Geno Smith’s passing game that hurt the Jets the most, throwing two interceptions,...

The Best Sunday of the year.

Here are the facts: I’m a New York Giants fan. The Giants absolutely suck this year. While they are not out of it officially or mathematically, the “not so Big Blue” has basically reached the point of no return. What does all this mean? That Sundays are the worst. Order...