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Hello all, and welcome to the world of LaSportsaNostra. I just want to begin by saying thank you. If you are reading this, then it means you took the time out to join me and the rest of the LaSportsaNostra staff on this sports journey. For that, we will always be grateful to you. This blog began as a few friends in an iPhone group text setting debating, arguing, laughing about, discussing and enjoying everything sports. Being a sports fan can at times be frustrating, other times quite disappointing and during the low points, it can be downright painful. If you are truly a sports fan then you have went through all these emotions and more. When your team hits rock bottom, you hit rock bottom with them. But when your team is doing well, winning games, destroying the opposition and making the push for the ultimate goal that is their respective championship trophy, all seems right with the world. Every one of the writers for this blog will be experiencing those same emotions as we write our stories.   This site is going to be there with you through the highs and lows you will undoubtedly go through with your teams; and we will be right there to report on it. We are aiming for a smart and progressive audience. You can be a sports novice, or a die-hard fan your entire life; regardless of your level of fandom, this site is tailored for everyone.

All of the writers in LaSportsaNostra are intelligent writers, who are thorough with their research, and have great sports insight. At the very heart of LaSportsaNostra, everyone involved is a true sports fanatic! I have personally enjoyed sports with every writer on this blog, whether it is back and forth banter due to them being a rival sports fan, or camaraderie when our respective team goes through their winning or losing stretches. We live and breathe sports as a group. If we are not reading about sports, then chances are we are watching, playing, texting about sports, or doing some sports related activity. This site is not about us making money, or us becoming famous or for any sort of prestige. We are just a group of sports fans who want to give you, the reader, our own unique view of the sporting world. I ask all of the writers for this blog to be consistent, to have and to offer perspective, and to be insightful in every piece they write; but above all, I ask that everything they write be interesting. We have all read boring sports stories, and there is nothing worse than a good sports story gone horribly wrong because the writer did not have imagination or passion about what they were writing. You may not agree with a particular article on this site, or, you may think the writer(s) point of view is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from your thoughts about the same story, which is fine. Yet, what every writer here is aiming for, is that you enjoy what you are reading. 

So ladies and gentlemen, thank you again for taking this journey with us. Enjoy the stories. This is Frantz Paul signing off. 

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