Week 5 NFL Picks Recap

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Every week from week 5 on we will release the NFL Picks Recap. We tell you which writer picked the correct picks for that week, then we total up the records and show who did best, and who was Dunce of the week. Enjoy!


Browns 37 vs. Bills 24

Winners: Bradley “Pete Rose” Clement, Frantz, Steven “Bruce Wayne” Ross


Ravens 26 vs. Dolphins 23

Winners: Bruce Wayne, Charles “Lucky Lefty” Felix


Saints 26 vs. Bears 18

Winners: Frantz, Bruce Wayne, Rose


Bengals 13 vs. Patriots 6

Winners: Bruce Wayne, Lucky Lefty


Packers 22 vs. Lions 9

Winners: Bruce Wayne, Lucky Lefty


Colts 34 vs. Seahawks 28

Winners: Bruce Wayne, Rose


Jaguars vs. Rams

Winner: Not Applicable, stop it.


Chiefs 26 vs. Titans 17

Winners: Frantz, Bruce Wayne, Lucky Left, Rose


Eagles 36 vs. Giants 21

Winners: Frantz, Lucky Lefty


Cardinals 22 vs. Panthers 6

Winners: Bruce Wayne


Broncos 51 vs. Cowboys 48

Winners: Frantz, Lucky Lefty, Bruce Wayne, Rose


49ers 34 vs. Texans 3

Winner: Frantz, Lucky Lefty, Bruce Wayne, Rose


Raiders 27 vs. Chargers 17

Winners: Bruce


Jets 30 vs. Falcons 28

Winners: Frantz



Bruce Wayne – 11 Winners 

Lucky Lefty – 7 Winners

Frantz – 7 Winners

Rose – 6 Winners


Your week 5 winner ladies and gentlemen is Bruce Wayne. Take a bow Bruce, 11 wins, killed it.300 Gif


Our LSN Dunce of the week goes to…ROSE! Step it up Rose, better bring your A game for week 6.


Editors note: None us took credit for the Rams vs. Jaguars game, and Lucky Lefty did not make a Thursday night pick for week 5. 

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