Manziel To The Cowboys? The Dallas Circus Continues

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    Updated: April 24, 2014
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    Well, it’s not even football season yet but Jerry Jones is in the headlines doing what he does best, keeping the Dallas Cowboys name in the media. Recently, it was Jerry, Jason Garett, and Tony Romo hob knobbing with former presidents.

    Now, it’s Jerry Jones possibly drafting Johnny Manziel if the opportunity arises. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome before that is even a possibility, but it would be a terrible decision by Jerry Jones. First hurdle, one of the teams in the top 11 will have to pass on Manziel for him to fall to an area on the draft board where the teams picking do not need a quarterback.

    Or Jerry would have to trade up which he also shouldn’t be doing to draft another quarterback after giving Tony Romo $55 Million dollars. But, let’s just say that by some perverse Cowboys luck Manziel falls down to 16, what should Jerry do with that pick? 

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    As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I don’t think we should draft Manziel, that’s for sure. I was hoping that HaHa Clinton-Dix would somehow fall down the draft board because he would be an ideal acquisition.

    The Cowboys secondary was atrocious last season so a player like Dix for the long-term would be great. 

    The Cowboys need to draft all defenders in this draft with the exception of maybe a lights out wide-receiver if that happens.

    But other than an exceptional receiver, Jerry Jones needs to focus on secondary and defensive linemen help, that’s it. Unfortunately that is not how the Cowboys operate and Jerry Jones is more concerned about keeping the Cowboys brand in the news than he is about his franchise winning. If you debate that then you are delusional.

    Jerry being owner and GM should be the most obvious clue that he is not committed to the Cowboys winning.

    The Cowboys continue to miss the playoffs, the salaries are all over the place, and the Cowboys have no idea what it means to be lowkey and stay out of the spotlight.

    No one is there to talk to Jerry and tell him how crazy all his moves are because he is the GM and owner, it’s a ridiculous scenario.

    For the players, I understand doing commercials or having endorsements, that’s fine. What I don’t understand is having your coach and quarterback being seen everywhere, when neither of the two have accomplished anything of substance on the field.

    I don’t care if they’re rich and famous, I don’t care that it’s their off-season and they can do what they want, what I do care about is watching the team not succeed. The Cowboys need to start grinding regularly, and celebrating rarely.

    But again, that’s not the Cowboys way of doing things so drafting Johnny Football would be the Cowboys way. 

    If this was 1997 then drafting Manziel would make more sense.

    Back then quarterbacks would sit and learn their craft behind a more experienced player then take the reins. If that was the situation now, I would still be against it but I could understand the thought process behind it.

    Romo has trouble in big game situations, he’s 34 years old and coming off of back surgery, so he will eventually need to be replaced. I get all of that, but Johnny Football is not going to be drafted to sit behind Romo for 3-4 seasons; not happening.

    Manziel is a lightning rod type player who will be on the biggest stage in pro-football, in the state where he’s been a star his entire life. This will be the Tim Tebow circus all over again.

    A circus that Tony Romo does not need to be a part of if he’s to succeed. The Cowboys already have enough issues keeping Dez Bryant right, now they’ll have to make sure they keep Manziel happy and Romo confident? Yeah, brilliant.

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    Hopefully none of this will matter come draft day and either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Minnesota Viking do the Cowboys an unwitting favor by drafting Manziel before he gets anywhere near the realm of Jerry World.

    If not, then the Cowboys 18 year train wreck at Valley Ranch will continue, and the Cowboys will be must see TV every week like they’ve always been, for all the wrong reasons. No publicity is bad publicity, huh Jerry. 

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    1. John E. Bredehoft

      April 24, 2014 at 3:29 PM

      DISCLOSURE: I AM A REDSKINS FAN. (Perhaps that will get me permanently banned, but I’ll continue. After all, we’re not doing that great either.)

      The one spark of consistency that Jones has shown over the years is in his support of Romo. No, Romo is not perfect, but he’s probably a lot better than any other alternative that would come the Cowboys’ way.

      In short, I agree with you that it makes no logical sense for the Cowboys to draft Manziel if he’s available.

      But since it makes no logical sense, this is precisely what Jones will do.

      Hmm, does Daniel Snyder draft before Jerry Jones this year?

      • Frantz Paul

        Frantz Paul

        April 24, 2014 at 8:24 PM

        John I couldn’t agree more. And I would never ban a rival fan lol I love the banter and I hope more Redskins fan would chime in. And just like you said, since it makes no logical sense that is exactly what he will do. but you make a great point that I didn’t even consider, Jones loves Romo immensely.So I am sure that will factor into the decision. Great insight on your part.

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