The BCS is Leaving With a Bang!

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    Updated: November 19, 2013
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    The most recent BCS standings came out Sunday, and it seems the BCS title race has come down to four teams, Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, and Baylor. In this years system departure, it would only be fitting to have the worst case of “BCS CHAOS” we have ever seen. There is a very good possibility that FOUR Automatic Qualifying teams could all go 12-0.

    This would mean the most debatable title match up ever seen if all four do run the table. Odds are that at least one of them will drop, and in my predictions I have two of the four dropping a game in the Conference Championship. Still, don’t be surprised if there turns out to be BCS Madness in its “goodbye” year.

    According to the current standings, Alabama and Florida State control their own destiny and can win out to play in this year’s BCS National Championship game held at the historic Rose Bowl. Ohio State and Baylor however, must win out and need Alabama and Florida State suffer a loss in order to get a chance to play in Pasadena this January. Here is an overview of all of the contenders in the BCS title hunt.


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