Adonis Stevenson: Superman Is in The Building!

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    Updated: February 24, 2014
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    His name is Adonis Stevenson. He was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti in 1977. He is the current reigning and defending Lineal, WBC and Ring Magazine light heavyweight champion of the world. And simply put, he is a bad man!

    Adonis Stevenson is a late bloomer who didn’t turn pro until he was almost 30 years old. After exiting jail in Montreal, where he served time for promoting prostitution and making death threats, Adonis decided to take up boxing as a way of getting in shape.

    He was scouted and later signed by a trainer named Tiger Powell. According to Stevenson, it was Powell who suggested that he go to Detroit, to seek out legendary trainer, Emanuel Steward. Steward had Stevenson sparring shortly thereafter.

    There was more to work with than anyone had hoped. Stevenson showed raw power and very quick hands. He knocked out both opponents in the sparring sessions. That was all Steward needed to see.

    He told Adonis on that day, that we was going to be a world champion. Stevenson credits the guru with making him a better boxer, but more importantly, a better man. 

    Emanuel Steward never lived to see his prediction come to fruition; he passed away on October 25, 2012.

    Adonis dedicates every fight he has had since then, to Manny. When you watch this man fight, you notice the technique that was and is present in many of the fighters of the Steward camp; most notably, former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, and both of the Klitschko brothers.

    And I dare to say he hits just as hard, if not harder.


    If you venture to YouTube to checkout some of his bouts, you’ll came away with an understanding of why I say this.

    I suggest you view the second fight with Darnell Boone, and Chad Dawson annihilation.

    Must see TV! Admittedly, I am far more into the gratuitous violence portion of boxing, than I am to the sweet science aspect.

    Seemingly, Adonis Stevenson is more than happy to placate my brutish whims. 

    Superman- that’s his nickname- is on a quest to unify the light heavyweight championship by years end.


    That means fighting Sergey Kovalev, who currently holds the WBO championship, and the ageless Bernard Hopkins, holder of the IBF title.

    Neither presents itself as an easy task.

    Stevenson and Kovalev can’t even agree on when they will fight, if ever. Just yesterday, the two got into it verbally, with Kovalev telling an audience that he can’t help it if Adonis is afraid to fight him.

    Stevenson took to Facebook to retort, saying that if the money is right, he would be “more than glad to come give Kovalev a good ass whooping in the ring.”

    But if there is any certainty of anything in the division, it’s that there are many live bodies to choose from.

    So it may take a while to get to this match up. The most likely scenario would probably be one of the two facing Hopkins first. Good luck with that! 

    At any rate, Adonis Stevensons next fight is on May 24 against a fighter by the name of Andrzej Fonfara.

    He’ll probably get knocked out before we can pronounce his name correctly.

    It should be a fun couple of rounds though, and it will give you all a chance to see what I’ve been saying for yourself. Come and witness Superman! The Boxing Lord of Canada and the pride and joy of Haiti!

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