Manchester United v. Fulham: 3 Numbers To Consider

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Updated: February 3, 2014
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As we go into this important Premier League matchweek, Manchester United looks to pick up maximum points to salvage what’s left of their season, while Fulham desperately seeks to climb out of last place. As we look forward to what promises to be an interesting game, let’s take a look at three numbers to keep in mind. As they say, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Let’s start off with the Red Devils. They’ve just finished out 1 bad month. This recent drop in form means that they desperately need the points in order to still even be in the running for a top five-spot.

December was mostly positive, with a strong run to end the 2013 calendar year, but a nightmarish last month or so have taken them down to a place in the table where it is starting to seem almost impossible to come back from at this point in the season.

Another important number is 2 goals-the amount Manchester United won by in the last meeting between the two sides that ended 3-1. A splendid first half hour led to United not really having to do much work in the second half to go home with the points.

Look for a much harder working performance from the lads this time out. The Reds have an almost spotless record against Fulham, but, in a season which has seen Moyes’ men lose to many inferior teams, they have proven that there are no easy games.

Lastly, we should remember the 3 pronged attack-Moyes looks for new signing Mata, Rooney and van Persie to develop a great strike force akin to the holy united trinity of yesteryear. So far, they’ve only managed to show small glimpses of what they’re capable of-but they have the potential to be a deadly combination

On the other hand, Fulham has only managed to score 1 goal in the last 4 games. They have been absolutely dismal when it comes to creating goals in the premier league, currently having a goal differential of -31.

That is worse than 7 of the last 9 teams to be relegated. Another consideration has to be the 2 replacements for Berbatov, who is loaned out to Monaco. Lewis Holtby, coming from Spurs, is a strong midfielder that has struggled to get playing time under Tim Sherwood.

A player with potential that just hasn’t made it in the premier league yet. Konstantinos Mitroglou, on the other hand, is a Greek international striker who has been likened to Eric Cantona with his physicality and ability to keep the ball in the box.

A strong attacker, he should give the Whites much-needed goals. Lastly, Fulham are coming into this game off of 3 straight premier league losses. After an abysmal season, the players and manager alike realize that it’s time to play better football or they will be playing in the Championship League next season. Look for a determined, and desperate performance as Fulham try to claw their way out of last place.

Whatever the case, it looks like this weekend will be an exciting one. Will Manchester United start to play at a level becoming of the champions of England, or will Fulham snap out of their recent string of defeats? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. 


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