A LeBron & Carmelo Duo…No Way, Right? RIGHT???

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    Updated: June 26, 2014
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    NBA Free Agency has become the modern-day NBA2k or Fantasy Draft mode of reality. Things that were thought impossible years ago are now a possibility because of the current landscape. Today’s players grew up playing with each other and want to win together. In eras past, players would do anything to beat each other for the sake of bragging rights. Players today want to win and don’t mind doing it with their friends. If you’re “get off my lawn” guy then the though of Big 3’s and 4’s all over the Association is drives you insane.

    But if you’re just a person who enjoys watching the game, then the thought of players teaming up is really cool. I am one of those get of my lawn guys that wants to see players stay at one team and win separately, but times have changed and I’ve learned to accept it. Two players that have never played together but have been said would like to have that opportunity are Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Both men have been friends since high school and both may be in the position to make that reported dream of playing together come true. How would that tandem impact the league and potential history?


    Not 1…Not 2…Not 3…Not 4…Too Soon?…


    Easy, easy, I was joking with the title. I know that LeBron and Miami Heat introduction parade still rubs people the wrong way but it’s still funny. But seriously, pairing Carmelo and LeBron together would easily bear some sort of fruit on the court, no? Two of the best players of their generation on the same court would be scary. LeBron, a top 10 player all-time, and Melo a top 5 scorer all-time playing together at their peak may produce a very special partnership. For his career, Carmelo Anthony has averaged 25 points and 7 rebounds a game. And this is with playing with a good point guard only once in his career with Chauncey Billups during their time together with the Denver Nuggets.

    Since then, Melo has had the likes of Jeremy Lin and Raymond Felton to help get him the ball. Imagine what a scorer like Carmelo Anthony could do with quite possibly the best passer in the Association not named Chris Paul if Melo teams up with LeBron. Too many times Melo is forced to create his own shot and make something happen because he’s always the best option on his team. If LeBron is also on the court then that will open up the floor because both LeBron and Carmelo can hurt you from inside the paint or from 10-17 feet. Melo has been asking for a facilitator for years and it was never more apparent than with his courtship of Chris Paul. Melo was trying to get Paul to come to the Knicks because that duo would have been lights out.

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    With Bron, he gets Chris Paul’s unselfishness and passing ability while playing with the best player in the sport. As for LeBron, it would give him another Dwyane Wade caliber player by his side to continue his assault on the rest of the NBA. With Wade by his side LeBron went to 4 straight NBA Finals and won two. I understand that Chris Bosh certainly played a large role in does titles and that can’t be forgotten. But if this Melo and LeBron tandem were to happen it would likely take place in either Houston or Miami. If it were to happen in Houston then Bron and Melo would have Dwight Howard behind them. A Carmelo Anthony/LeBron James/Dwight Howard trio would be the scariest Big 3 incarnation ever. Defense, rebounding, scoring and non-stop domination. It would be like an NBA version of Voltron.

    Everyone knows that putting LeBron on any team would enhance their chances of getting to an NBA Finals three-fold. Putting Melo and Bron together would be a nightmare scenario for every other team. Leading to my next point, what does this mean for the Association if it were ever to happen?


    The Best of Both Worlds For Adam Silver’s NBA…


    I’m sure all basketball fans can remember where they were the night of LeBron James’ infamous “Decision” special. You know, the one where he gave money to a bunch of kids while exercising his right to go to the team he wanted to? Yeah, that jerk. Anyway, once the “Decision” happened, and LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach, the Heat became must see TV. A large portion of the viewership was because people wanted to see the Heat and this new experiment fail on an epic level.

    The other part was just seeing three players in their prime playing together and if it would actually work. Well it worked, and worked well. Barring a collapse by LeBron in the 4 quarters of every game of the 2011 Finals against the Mavericks, and the 2014 Greatness that was the San Antonio Spurs offense, the Heat had the chance to win four straight titles. Now that LeBron has that “never won a ring” monkey off his back, he’s playing without a care in the world about what people think about him. He’s proven he can get it done at the highest level and his rings and Finals MVP prove it.

    And Melo is the person that needs to cement his legacy now. Bron is always motivated, so putting him with an also motivated Carmelo Anthony who wants a ring badly so he does not end his career as Karl Malone, Charles Barkley or Patrick Ewing would be frightening.

    For new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver he would be experiencing his own era with a LeBron Big 3 that would be in full affect. Ratings would continue to go through the roof when the Rockets were on TV, and Silver would continue laughing all the way to the bank. After the Donald Sterling situation, Adam Silver is loved, and as of right now he can do no wrong. His players love him, his product would be polarizing and must see TV with this new Big 3, and all he would have to do is set back and enjoy life.

    The rest of the league would not be so happy about it of course because a team with LeBron and Melo playing together on the same court would automatically make them the favorites to win the title every season, but that’s not Silver’s problem. As long as everything is done above-board it’s every team for themselves. The original LeBron Big 3 was beaten twice so a new one would also be beatable. But a LeBron/Melo team would certainly bring non-stop viewership and revenue to the NBA. Silver would certainly welcome this.

    Of course, all of this is just a pipe dream and I’m just playing fantasy NBA Draft day in my head. For this to work in Miami, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would both have to opt out and take far less money. For it to work in Houston the Rockets would still need to get Jeremy Lin off their books and would need to do a sign-trade with either the Heat or the Knicks. That sign-and-trade would of course include James Harden to make any of this possible.

    Nothing is impossible, but I think this scenario is as close to improbable as anyone could get. Still, it would be interesting to see if this happened. Guess we will have to wait and see. But until then, let the crazy scenarios and speculation continue. NBA Free Agency, you gotta love it.

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