NASCAR News: Donovan Mcnabb, Kevin Harvick and more

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Updated: November 30, 2013
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Former Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb made a comment a week ago accusing six times NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson of “not being an athlete.” The NASCAR community was not happy about McNabb’s comments, and fellow drivers Kurt Busch & Kevin Harvick have been amongst those who came to Johnson’s defense.

Busch replied on Twitter (10:20am Nov 21st) saying the following, “Jimmie Johnson should challenge Donovan McNabb next year to attend and be in “Buschwacked” and let’s see who the real athlete really is!!”

For those who don’t know what #buschwacked is, it is a military inspired mud run at Texas Motor Speedway. It is not an easy task and Jimmy Johnson as well as other drivers compete in buschwacked every year.

Kevin Harvick also chimed in on McNabb’s comments, however Harvick chose a more lighthearted approach by saying, “Cardio Day@ the gym today…Felt like @Donovanjmcmabb in the 4th Quarter…#sluggish.” (9:17am Nov 20 also on twitter)

Donovan replied back, “Really Funny Kevin Harvick”(4:32 Nov 20th)

My reply to all of this is: Don’t mess with the NASCAR family because they may battle each other week in and week out but when need be they all stick together!!

In other Kevin Harvick news, Kevin and his family luckily escaped an early morning fire in their Oakridge, North Carolina home. Thankfully everyone is ok.

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There is also news that Harvick will sport a new #4 when he begins driving for Steward Haas Racing in 2014. Kevin will still have sponsorship from Budweiser and Jimmy John’s on his car, while also retaining Outback as a sponsor. There is no word on Ryan Newman, Busch, or Patrick sponsors for next season. 

In a final note, NASCAR K&N East and Nationwide driver Travis Pastrana will not return to NASCAR in 2014; citing a lack of sponsorship and family reasons prompting his departure.

Travis said he was grateful for the opportunities he was giving while driving in NASCAR, and he does look forward to doing Off Road Racing & Rallies with those announcements coming shortly.

Travis drove for Roush in the K&N Pro East Series before going to Nationwide where he had only 4 top 10 finishes and 1 Coors Light Pole at Talladega during the season. 

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    November 30, 2013 at 12:08 PM

    Poor McNabb

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